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Our Services

JINGSHENG is a family office based in London from the parent firm JINGSHENG Law Firm. JINGSHENG, a 25-year-old law firm based in Chongqing, China, is well-established by providing comprehensive legal service, consulting service, and helping international deals obtain access into China. Gareth Chow works as the appointed UK Director & Representative for JINGSHENG China (J.S. & Partners) in the UK office.


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Advising UK Businesses on navigating the Chinese market for success

JINGSHENG UK Ltd. helps UK businesses (and other western businesses) to access the Chinese market by advising and connecting strong local partnerships in China and help UK/western businesses to have a better understanding of operating in a complex market such as China. 


12 practising departments

• M&A investment financing
• Real estate and construction
• Internal business and intellectual property
• Government and public affairs
• Health care and life sciences
• Cyber security and data compliance

• Liquidation and restructuring

• Commercial and corporate

• Financial securities insurance

• Criminal

• Environmental resources and safety production

• Family cases and family succession service

What else we do

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Incubator & Strategic consulting for emerging fashion brands

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We are helping emerging fashion designers from the UK and Europe to find the balance of commerciality with unique brand clientele. JINGSHENG and its Shanghai partner offer brand strategic advise on product development, marketing to maximise the commercial value of the emerging brands, reach out to the broader audience, and attract local partnerships.

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Helping brands to explore the Chinese retail market by finding, setting up showrooms during Shanghai Fashion Week, enable brands to see local partners/sponsors, with various options for brands to find the best fit in the Chinese market.

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Help to consult fashion brands from the business perspective to make them commercially successful in the local market.

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JINGSHENG offers help to emerging designers to incubate and develop their brands. Here, JINGSHENG helps to find compatible investors for the brands to grow even more significant.



JINGSHENG also provides comprehensive legal assistance in China to fully safeguard, protect brands in all types of legal matters. 

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