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London & Chongqing

25 years of


We have the legal know-how you need

We are based in one of the biggest cities in the world, with over 30 million people and have a  London office. Chongqing is an exciting metropolis with an annual GDP growth rate of at least 10 percent for well over a decade.


Helping UK companies find partnerships & investors in China

JINGSHENG Ltd and JINGSHENG Law Firm (J.S. & Partners China) help U.K. business find local partnerships from industry, strategic alliances, local investors, venture capitals, and government resources to make a business successful in another territory. 



In China, JINGSHENG has strong partnerships with foreign firms, including:

Greenberg Traurig
LLP (United States)
Kutuzov law firm
St. Petersburg (Russia)
EY Russia & CIS (Russia)
Ping T. Tan Co. (Canada)

The Chongqing branch of the American Chamber of Commerce
The Chongqing office of the E.U. Chamber of Commerce
The Consulate General of Italy in Chongqing
The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Chongqing
The Royal Danish Consulate General in Chongqing
The investment promotion department of Hong Kong SARG

A-Law International Law Firm (Belgium)
Magnusson law firm (Sweden)
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP
Foo Kon Tan Grant Thornton LLP (Singapore)
Lai Yim Shik (Hong Kong, China)
M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP (Hong Kong, China)

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Supporting growth

JINGSHENG China (J.S. & Partners) has 25 years of professional experience in the legal fields and helped many big entities, conglomerates to establish in China by consulting, fundraising, supporting the local business to grow more robust. 

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Top 100 law firm

JINGSHENG is ranked as China’s top 100 law firm nationwide, based in Southwestern China, Chongqing, JINGSHENG has 12 practice areas.

Shield for western business in China

Like a window, a platform in the U.K., JINGSHENG Ltd works with U.K. companies, providing consulting, broker service to help business to communicate with Chinese professionals by providing efficient strategic advice and connect with China’s most reputable enterprises, local government, as well as high net-worth individuals who are looking to invest foreign business to expand their portfolios. 


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